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Fusion 360 and custom repeatable parts

Fusion 360 and custom repeatable parts

I would like to preface and say I'm a novice when it comes to Fusion 360 so I don't know if this is already a feature or not.


My idea is to add a library of different designs, drawings, or objects of your choice that is easily able to move between projects because all the data is stored in a profile linked to the account.


The user will be able to upload their own files and be able to pull from that library into whatever project that they need. Hinges, clips, complex drawings, anchor points, all able to be put in a variety of projects. A simple add command, a copy and paste, or click and drag and the previously saved design is added.


Make a way for users to connect, a Community tab where profiles can share different files of their designs with other users. Make a Marketplace for users to take the files they've made and monetize to the community while the company takes a small share with each transaction.


Free users will be able to add a predetermined amount of designs, more if they contribute to the "Marketplace/community".


Subscribed users will have access to unlimited library space to store files, but also to "Premium AutoDesk" files.



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