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Autodesk Representatives Identify/Address Support Issues in Forums

Autodesk Representatives Identify/Address Support Issues in Forums

Am I imagining things or did Autodesk actually announce that it was doing this some years ago?

If so, it appears that they stopped doing this at some point.


Autodesk SHOULD monitor forum posts and identify support issues and address them.

Obviously, most contributors to the forums are not entitled to direct Autodesk support.

I AM NOT suggesting Autodesk provide direct individual user support in the forums.

I AM suggesting Autodesk identify issues raised regarding their software's performance/behavior and internally address those that should be addressed for the benefit of all users.  E.g., 

I am also suggesting that Autodesk post in the forums directing users to the appropriate support resource for individual support issues.  This could be as basic as saying "You should contact your reseller for support" or directing users to specific Autodesk pages that address the known issue.


If all this is already being done, Autodesk should make doing so more obvious.

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@hencoop Specialty software have IDEAS forums, pretty close to what you crave



For all other software not represented above... Here is how to open a support case with Autodesk if you are on subscription to seek out Autodesk Support's help when you need or want "autodesk":

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