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3ds Max updates / fixes

3ds Max updates / fixes

Updates and fixes are big. I mean BIG. The 3ds Max 2021.3.10 Security Fix is 6.74 GB. That is GB. This is not a security fix; this is a whole new installation. An unattended installation of such big 'fixes' is bound to go wrong, just because it's too big to install within a reasonable timeframe. For example, we install fixes using the Windows Shutdown script. Works well for most updates and fixes. Thing is, as soon as you shut down Windows, a timer starts running. If a process, like installing updates / fixes etc. takes too long and exceeds the time-out threshold, Windows will just shut down, leaving a hampered installation. Yes, I know you can enlarge this threshold, but a better solution would be to update only those parts of the program that actually changed? So please Autodesk, make it so?

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Core flaws need a full reinstall: bad coding can't be fixed overnight.

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