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Trouble With Text Box Glitches on My Autodesk Sketchbook App

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Trouble With Text Box Glitches on My Autodesk Sketchbook App

So this doesn't happen every single time but it's happening right now and I'm super irritated about it.

So I'm a comic writer and include speech bubbles in my art often, and because I have horrible handwriting I generally just use the text box option to insert text and fit it to my speech bubbles. Unfortunately, for some reason, my autodesk app has been glitching while I'm trying to type so it'll let me type about six words (sometimes more, sometimes the keyboard won't even show up) before the keyboard slinks back down and I'm unable to type anymore. I'll retry clicking on the text box, I'll move everything around; I've even waited until I was done with everything else and just merged all the layers and tried it to see if that was the problem.

I've restarted the machine, I've restarted the program, I've deleted some of my old artworks, I've merged the layers, I've changed my computer touch settings; I've done literally everything short of deleting the program (which would delete all my W.I.P.). 

Has anyone else had this problem??? Its so irritating and I would love input. 

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Can you try using the desktop version of SketchBook?


It has a more robust text editor.

David Lau

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