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SimStudio Overview and Resources

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03-20-2015 04:08 AM

Welcome to the SimStudio Forum! 


SimStudio is a platform where we will be opening up new capabilities and technology to our simulation community. The first release, SimStudio Tools, focuses on CAD model simplification, cleanup, and editing capabilities that help you create higher quality meshes and run through design iterations faster in Autodesk Simulation Mechanical, CFD, and Moldflow.


Historically, most people who work with Simulation Mechanical, CFD, and Moldflow have used their primary CAD system to prepare geometry for simulation:










This is a great way to work because it keeps all the data all in a single CAD model, and we'll continue to support connections to many CAD systems just as we have in the past. However, sometimes simulation users have to work with "neutral" files like SAT, Parasolid, STEP, IGES that aren't always easy to simplify and manage. Sometimes they need to create simulation-specific features they don't want in their primary design models, and in other cases they want to make quick, simple edits without having to work in a complete CAD package. This is where SimStudio Tools is intended to help. It offers purpose-built tools for quickly cleaning up models, getting rid of unnecessary detail, and getting your geometry ready for simulation:




This forum is a place where you can ask questions, share ideas, and learn about how to get the most out of SimStudio Tools and future versions. In addition to the forums, you may also find these other resources useful:



SimStudio Online Help:


Searchable text and video based help documentation on how to use SimStudio



SimStudio on Autodesk Screencast:


Check here for several "quick hit" instructional videos to get you going. If you've got some game, record your own videos to share your knowledge either just within your company or with the rest of our user community. The recording tool is integrated into SimStudio and automatically shows all commands, picks, and clicks, making it super easy to share techniques.



SimStudio IdeaStation: 


The place to go to share your ideas and enhancement requests with the SimStudio development team



Autodesk Account Page:


Contract managers, software coordinators, and Named Users can access their products in Autodesk Account. SimStudio Tools is included in the 2016 releases of Simulation Mechanical, CFD, and Moldflow Insight and Adviser - download and install any of these and you'll see SimStudio Tools as part of the installation.



Simulation Community:


Check here for info about all things simulation, including papers, videos, and upcoming local events focused on Autodesk Simulation products and tech



Autodesk Education Community:


We're committed to helping students and educators build the next generation of engineering and design talent! If you qualify for educational use, you can get access to several of our simulation products here alongside many other Autodesk products.



If you have any questions on the above or need help, be sure to use this forum. We've created it to support you wherever we can.



- Jon

Jon den Hartog

Product Manager
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