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Slow Steel Verification (10/15 minutes per bar)

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Slow Steel Verification (10/15 minutes per bar)



I have the attached building modelled in robot 2018. Three time-history analysis (load numbers 10000, 10300 and 10600) are performed for which I create 297 equivalent static steps (transient). The calculation runs smoothly without any problem. 

However, when i try to run the steel verification, for 2700 load combinations, the verification takes about 10/15 min per bar! Lesser number of load combinations still takes a huge amount of time.


I have found the following link describing a problem similar to mine :

However, when I try to solve the problem with the solution posted by Rafal.Gaweda, it does not solve my problem.


In addition, when opening in repair mode, all transiant equivalent static loads are recreated at different load numbers.If the problem comes back (which seems to be described in the other post), I cannot find myself changing constantly the load combinations to match the new transient load number.


I have tried saving results in seperate RT file or keeping them in same RTD file. I have also tried simplifying model by removing all releases, intersecting all bars... None of these increase the speed of the steel verification.


Could you please guide me in fixing this problem?


Thank you in advance



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