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Flat Slab Which moments To Use On A Panel Cut

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Flat Slab Which moments To Use On A Panel Cut

Hi, just finished modelling and got results maps for the analysis. I'd like to take some panel cuts on the most stressed parts of the slab so as to determine the integral value of the moments and do my design elsewhere but I dont know what moments to use in the panel cuts that are perpendicular to and tangetial to the arcs at the column point. In the lower part of the slab its straight forward since the grids are in the x-x and y-y direction, but in the upper part where the slab grid is an an arc I can't determine what moments to use. Panel cut directions are as shown in the last screen shot in magenta

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Assuming that you would like to see the moments as for beams that follow the cut lines you indicated you should set the Directions of results in the direction of the cut using Cartesian > According to vector and then display Mxx (the same way as for maps) or set Direction according to the local direction of the cut and display Myy.


M1 and M2 are not influenced by selected direction and are displayed in the direction of principal stresses.


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Artur Kosakowski
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Thanks a lot, seems my answer was just in front of me all those weeks.

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