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Why can't I cut objects using the void family that is loaded into the project

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Why can't I cut objects using the void family that is loaded into the project

Why can't I cut objects using the void family that is loaded into the project, Even though the family is correctly set up using structural framing and I have checked the cut option inside the family, and also when it has been loaded into my project, I never forget to cut the geometry afterward, then I click the object but it still doesn't produce anything. If I may know, where did I go wrong? Is it when creating the void family, should it be given the same material as the material to be voided or is it an error when loaded into the project?



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If you want to create an Model In-Place Void you have to use the Cut Tool when creating that element before finishing the void Extrusion (Green Tick)


If it is a Void Family you have to create it using a Specific Family such as By Face and then Cut it In the Family so when it loaded into a project it looks for a face and knows to automatically cut it.


Otherwise you can simply use a Model In-Place Void Extrusion along with the Cut Tool in the Model as when loaded it doesn't know what to cut until you tell it!



Jay Colcombe

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Thanks for your suggestion sir, but I have tried all the methods you mentioned earlier, but in the end, I found the solution myself. I felt that cutting inside the family was not enough, so I found it using the model in place and then set it as a framing family, and then it could all be cut from within

but thanks so much sir for the respond

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