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Rebar cover zones, controlled by the dimension of the rebars within.

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Rebar cover zones, controlled by the dimension of the rebars within.

I would like the option to set multiple rebar covers on a single surface. Think of it as zones in witch you keep your rebar in specific orientations.

Example: In the outer zone with a cover seting of 55mm you define that only vertical rebar can be placed. In that zone a bunch of vertical Φ12 rebar is then placed. Then a second zone, for the horisontal rebar i created on the inside of the first one, but controlled by the dimension of the rebar in the first. In this case 55+12=67mm from the cover face. If you then later would change the vertical dimension from  Φ12 to Φ16, the inner zone and the horisontal rebar connected to it would change from 67mm to 55+16=71mm. In this way you always now that you have a dedicated place for your rebar in a specific orientation. Se the attached image.


It should then be possible to specify zones for a second rebar layer or more, giving more control over the exact placing of the bars. Instead of working with specific constrains for every rebar set you control it within the cover setting. 



Link to the Ideas page:


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Fisrst thing that comes to mind is using Fabric Sheet (withStructural Area Reinforcement tool).

You can define different parameters such as internal/external and direction of the rebars (in Modify mode -> Major Direction).



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This works if the structures is of a simple character, like a slab or some type of construction where the directions is well defined. I work mostly with constructions with asymmetrical shapes, with rebar in multiple directions (more than just vertical and horisontal), rebar that changes dimension often and so on. If you then could define these zones you would ensure that none of the rebar clashes.  

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I understand, yes that would be useful.
My workaround is usually to create a few Model-in-Place Generic Models with different Rebar Cover Settings and then Pick Host for different Rebar Sets. However if you have a lot of different zones you must be very precise, so it's kind of similar to be precise with "Edit Constraint" values..

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At present with Constraints and Constrained Placement all the tools you suggest are here but the process is possibly a little more work at an early stage in a project so please post this to the Revit Ideas Station for support!

Revit Ideas - Autodesk Community



However, valid points raised here.

Would you expect warning if bars were outside zones?

Could zones be utilised more effectively such as min A_req.  of rebar per zone and then tell you if you have supplied enough?




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Haha, I didn't notice that I've left the Idea's page and entered the forum. 🙂 Thanks for pointing that out. Its in the Ideas page now aswell. Please upvote it so that it might be implemented.


To answer your question, I dont know it would require warnings. The visual aid to see the zones might be enough. Maybe you could see in the rebar properties wich zone it was placed in? ex. 1V(vertical), 1H (horisontal), and so on..


An real life example for this was a couple of years ago when I was designing a monstrosity of a section. See the picture below. The final section ended up having Φ25 in the first two layers, and then Φ32 in layer 3 and 4. The design changed multiple times and we went back and forth between different number of layers and dimension of rebar.

If i then could have specified the desired distance between the layers (depending on the size of the rebar) and have the rebar zones following the size of the rebar within, the design process would have been much easier.



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