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Is there a way to select specific bars when using propagate rebar?

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Is there a way to select specific bars when using propagate rebar?

If I wanted to propagate some, but not all rebar from one rebar host to another, is there a way to select specific rebar sets, or is it all or nothing?

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Have you tried to select rebars in host and then propagate host-to-host.

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Hi @msuracer10 


You can select just the bars you want to propagate and then click the Propagate command. This will default to the Align by face mode and you can select the corresponding faces from the source to the destination host.

Alternatively, after starting the command for a selection of faces, you can switch to align by host and only that selection of bars will be propagated.

Ovidiu Paunescu, M.Sc. Str. Eng.

Sr. Product Owner | Autodesk Revit

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in reply to: msuracer10

That worked.  I didn't realize there was an option to select the rebar and then propagate.  I had strictly been selecting the host to propagate.  Thanks for the help!

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