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Hiding the Wall/Opening edges in a opening cut?

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Hiding the Wall/Opening edges in a opening cut?

Building a family with a built in Header for an opening and unique level 1 and 2 appearances thru V/G control.  Currently I have reference plane controlling the symbolic lines on their own object style set to 'projection', and have the V/G configured in the project to display how I'd like on L1 and L2 respectively, but what I can't figure out is how to shut off the opening lines in the wall/opening itself.  The lines set red are how I'd like the opening to appear when placed.


I can't seem to find a way to mask it using a filled region, or any visual control for the opening itself.  The opening cut is placed along with all of the symbolic lines in the family, no nested models here.  

(I attempted a nested detail item family over the top, but it wouldn't work either, and running out of other ideas.)


Family is a "Generic Model" with defined sub-categories.



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Appears those lines are completely controlled by the opening cut.  Opening cuts have no properties to control visibility.  If I use a nested opening in the "Generic Model" it won't show the opening in 3D short of wirelines.

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