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Assemblies with nested families - display

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Assemblies with nested families - display

The attached family with nested families  when inserted in a model and included in assembly, does not display the nested families in assembly view unless is shared. I need the nested families to be shared to be able to schedule them.

the Revit logic says I need to selected the nested families as well when creating assembly, but it is time consuming, plus there is no logic, the nested families are created as nested for the reason I could pick just the main family for assembly, not all nested families individually.

There is also problem with the other family "Lemovani", where nested families anchor and profile are used. If the profile is changed, I am unable to constrain the array of anchors, if constraint is added, then it does not allow  to change the profile with overconstrained warning. Any advice? The idea is constrain the array of anchors to face of a profile, that is inserted as nested family,  in both palnes.


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