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Imported OS background bigger than coordinates.....

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Imported OS background bigger than coordinates.....

Hi All.


I am not entirely sure that the 2 points below are connected but it does seem like a coincidence.


  • The linked DWG in our model has been scaled to +1000. This has been done to convert if from meters to millimeters since that is our default unit.
  • The problem I have is that when plotting various coordinates it is not showing the correct location. The distance is a lot closer and is the difference of about 1000. E.g. Onsite distance = 300m ---- model distance = 3000mm
  • We have since modelled pipework, structures etc.

Is there a way of scaling the coordinates to match the imported background?

Or a way for the coordinates to recognize this difference? 

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You can select the DWG file, go to Type Properties and adjust the scale, but all the components you created in Revit will remain as they are, you will need to recreate everything again, since you can´t scale them.

Fábio Sato
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