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gbXML geometry convention - external plane

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gbXML geometry convention - external plane

Currently Revit analytical models and gbXML export have the centre plane geometry convention.
However, many BEM software are using the external plane convention.


The internal wall partitions should still be generated from the centre plane, but external constructions should be generated from the external plane.


This improvement should also resolve the current issue with misplaced windows described in

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However, in the link, the “issue with misplaced windows” has been marked as follows:

Status: No issue has been identified and the software is behaving as designed.

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The issue: Windows didn't fit on a wall because wall size was decreased due too different geometry convention.

Solution: Move windows automatically to neighbouring walls.


In my opinion, this is not a solution.

I don't know why it was designed this way, but this is a very problematic workaround that causes a lot of additional manual work. Solar gains and daylighting results are completely different.

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