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Calculation of conduit weights in Hangers.

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Calculation of conduit weights in Hangers.

Hi community!
Maybe you can give me a hand with this. We are needing to place hangers on the conduits and have it give us the total weight each hanger holds. But, at the same time we need to put in each conduit, the wire size that goes. For example, if there is a 1" conduit, know you have 3 wires of 8 and 5 of 12 (Conduit fill).
So once we have that information in each conduit, when placing the hanger, it would give us the total weight x feet.
Do you know any way to do it, or any addin?

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The plugins i've used  only consider cables in a Flat-Touching arrangement, they don't understand grouping in bunches or conduits.


if you can't find a plugin to handle this I'd imagine you'd need to do this via an Electrical Circuit schedule that uses Shared Parameters to do some math at specific points in the building. Put the circuit schedule on a sheet filtered to the specific circuits, adjacent to that you put a schedule filtered to the specific piece of conduit, then adjacent to that you put a schedule filtered to the specific hanger. Add Shared Parameters as necessary.


This would give you you complete control and allows for as many parameters as you like but it would be a manual process that would need several global schedules to support it for things like entering cable weights and diameters based on the size and configuration.


Add a Shared parameter to the circuits to list all the location numbers that circuit passes through and filter the global schedule to the specific location number you want, add the same parameter to the conduit or tray to filter to that specific location as well etc.


it may be possible to do this with a multi-category schedule or an embedded schedule but you'd have to give it a whirl and see what it will do. I'm not sure electrical circuits are available in multi-category schedules.


You could also use an annotation that knows what sheet it is on and put that next to the other schedules to link the position in the building to the relevant schedule/calculation drawing if you wanted to go crazy.


As it currently stands you can't put a schedule in a view so that's the only way I can think of to do it. Lots of Filtering and lots of schedules but once you've setup the first location it's just a copy/paste exercise.


The attached image is a quick and dirty mockup, you can add the containment and service type, some conditional formatting to add colours for pass/fail conditions as well as separate circuit protective conductor parameters, compartment numbers for multi-compartment runs, cable weights and the like.

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