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Workplane switch promt and active workplane control (indicator)

Workplane switch promt and active workplane control (indicator)

Problem 1: You set workplane to reference plane in plan view. After a while you need to create an element that only requires a level plane. Revit issues a warning "Wrong workplane!"

Wrong workplane.PNG

Now you need to close the warning, set the level and then create the element. Not a big problem but -


Idea 1: What if Revit will offer options for using the associated level (default) or selecting another level without cancelling the command.

Or the ability to set the active reference plane and active level and Revit will use the allowed plane automatically. 


Problem 2: You can't see the current workplane if no command is active.


Idea 2: Add Workplane control on the Status Bar or the Ribbon.

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