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Window and Door Orientation to True North as Scheduled Parameter

Window and Door Orientation to True North as Scheduled Parameter

Revit to automatically assign the orientation of a window and door by using the exterior side of a window and which orientation it faces in relation to True North. This would be incredibly useful during Energy Performance calculations (SAP and Approved Doc O Overheating in the UK). It would be good if you can assign the accuracy level as well for the orientation. North East South and West, and North, North East, East, South East etc. as both SAP and Part O have differing requirements

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That is exactly what I was about to post as an idea. If windows and doors are unable to know which orientation are they exposed to, at least rooms should be. 

I am working on a workaround to get windows to report which room they are opening to (room calculation point) but the orientation is just a manual parameter.


If walls were able to be aware of their orientation, they could feed that information into windows and doors, as they are hosted in them.


@DanielEPMDE, The partial solution means we need to select all windows and doors from each elevation, assign a text parameter, that allows us to see which value of the  formula needs assigning.
This solution is very manual, but it works for scheduling.


However, it falls short for everything else. We shouldn't be resourcing to manual solutions with this software in 2023.

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