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Warnings (show view options)

Warnings (show view options)

When managing your warnings, and select the show button, the view show is not the view you would like to see.  ie: 3d view, blank view, different floor plan.  Instead, when you hit show, we would like to see a prompt to select the view we wish to see.


I don't think this is important as there is a very efficent workaround for this:

Export warning list to a html file.

Copy (CTRL+C) the ID code from that html file.

Command 'Select Element by ID' ( shortcut "ID") in Revit, paste (CTRL+V) the code in the box and 'OK'.

Use the free addin "Section Box" to generate a cropped 3D view for you.

Rinse and repeat for each warning.






I disagree with your statement that the workaround is "efficient".  How much time is lost each time you:

1.  Have to leave Revit to Ctrl-C copy an ID

2. Have to Open "Select element By ID" and Ctrl-V paste then click Show

3. Close the Select By ID box

4. generate th cropped 3d view

5. Then rinse and repeat???


In the time you do one warning round of that, you could have made it through 3-4 warnings without ever leaving the warnings dialog box = more efficient.  I don't disagree that the workaround works for a few warnings, but when dealing with many,many element ids, the workaround is not good.  I run into very similar problems when using Copy/Monitor.  it is near impossible sometimes to see what the element being highlighted is without leaving the Coordination Review dialog altogether.






Thank you for your comment.

The main aspect I wanted to point out to others was, that there is a very workable workaround for this problem.

Therefore, my point to Autodesk: please prioritize problems for which there is no good workaround available yet.


I agree with you that it would be befitial - to not only as angela_bachetti requested get a RELEVANT view straight away - but also the means to fix the warning up while still in the review warnings dialog.

In other words, the whole review warnings could do with a proper make over (including the Copy & Monitor Coordination Review dialog as you mentioned above).

(A PROPER make over, not like the half-baked mess Autodesk did when they "re-designed" their stairs and railings back in 2013).


Agreed, there coul dbe a lot of improvement in the Warnings dialog.

I'd at least like to see the ability to right-click a Warning, or a specific line under a Warning, and copy the ID to the Clipboard.



This has also been posted. I am of the opinion the warnings dialog could do with an overhaul, it's interface is clunky and lacking in many areas to make an easy tool to deal with, which would capture the above suggestion.


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Thanks for your submission and votes on this idea!  We are evaluating where this request falls into our roadmap and will provide an update when we have made a decision. 


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Considering how frequently error messages occur, relying on Revit to show the "best view" of the element often doesn't provide satisfactory results or even views that show the issue element at all.

The ability to click show and determine whether you want to view the element in your 3D view, or plan, or a specific view would save time, be more helpful and require much less programming effort than trying to get Revit to work this out for users and failing.

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Error Message - There is no open view.PNG

For example, when you know you can see the element in the plan you're already in, but Revit can't work it out...

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In an effort to consolidate threads, we are updating this thread to Gathering Support. We are continuing to evaluate where this request falls into our roadmap and will provide an update when we have made a decision. 


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