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Wall Wrapping to outside of Core

Wall Wrapping to outside of Core

It would be great if we could get Wall layer wrapping to the outside of the core boundary. Basically ensuring the Structural Opening Cut in the window/door family cuts the core, with any finishes e.g. plasterboard to wrap around the core into the window/door frame as is the case on site. Currently there is a discrepancy between the window/door schedule showing the structural opening as a set figure which doesn't align with the measured opening on a plan view set to Fine.

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On further reflection with this issue, currently there are work arounds but that either involves using cut profile to change the plan representation of the windows which is a huge Time cost or the other option is to change the window/door family itself, which again is a huge time cost as it would involve re-building many families. With manufacturer made families on the National BIM Library (UK), many of these wouldn't be compatible with re-doing the opening void and so would require Cut Profile, which could cost a specifier a large amount of time, resulting in not specifying the product in order to save that time.

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