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Wall updates

Wall updates

Please change Function on walls to be and instance parameter that only contains Exterior or Interior. Then Autodesk could add another parameter, also instance to indicate usage: Foundation, Core-shaft ect.

Next we are in need of an instance parameter to Fire rating, not was the wall can, but the demands to the wall.
Fire Rate demand.

Last but not least, we need a parameter (Instance) to indicate if the wall are Stabilizing

NEW  parameters:
Stabilizing = Instance Yes/No
Fire Rate Demand = Instance Text
Usage = Instance Drop down

Changed parameters:
Function = Instance
instead of Type



Why can't you just make these yourself? There are enough built-in parameters that can't be removed.

Well first of all I can´t change Function from Type to Inscance. Second of all, if those parameters are built in every one using Revit has acces to these and can use them equally. And yes there is a lot of parameters, but not enough yet 😉

Exchanging shared parameters is time consuming. If there is parameters you don´t need just leve them. 

But!!! I have an suggestion in another post, that goes on the posibility of hiding inactive parameters. 


You can already do all of this.

I just made your stabilizing yes/no instance parameter using the project parameters dialogue and applied it to walls.

If you want it to be schedulable then make the project parameter using a shared parameter.

This can be done for all the  parameters you want.





Not everyone uses Revit the same. Too many parameters can be confusing to users and it clutters up the properties bar. If you want them, feel free to add them. You can even make your own instance based function parameter (this is why I hate so many built in parameters, because now YOU have an unused parameter in your project). These things aren't hard. I'm not sure why you feel the need to try to force them on everyone else.


@mhiserZFHXS I completely agree. If you want a parameter you can make it very easily and have it function exactly how you want with project and shared parameters. Add it to you project template and now it will be available for every new project.


Personally, I want a way to get rid of parameters. I've always wished you could do it in the Revit.ini file but I have not found a way.

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