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Wall Sweep with Multiple Profiles

Wall Sweep with Multiple Profiles

It would be great if a single wall sweep could have multiple profiles loaded. And for each profile in the sweep a different material can be defined. This could work in much the same way as how a railing can have several profiles set at different heights and different shapes. An example of how this might be used is in modeling a wainscot with trim. Here there could be three profiles: one for the base board, one for the wainscot, and one for the top trim. At the moment, the solution is to have separate wall sweeps for each profile.


I also need this i make indoor panels for medic, and laboratory hallways.


yep, would be nice if lines could be grouped and defined when making the profiles


I would also like the ability to have multiple materials in a single sweep which contains multiple or nested profiles.



it would be great to have this ability also with exterior walls - say a stone section 8" deep up to 42" with a stone cap 12" deep and 8" tall and EIFS from top of cap to roof join; for example. it is so irritating to have to build each wall area 3 separate times and try to make them join.

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