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Wall Detail Level

Wall Detail Level

i did a quick search and didn't see anything that jumped out at me as the same topic... so here i go.....


Would it be possible to set the Medium detail level to only show the finished face(s) of the wall and core.  then the Fine can show all the layers. this has been requested by many of my architects the past couple years. they want to see the Core finished face without see all the other layers of the wall.



Capture course.JPG


Capture Medium.JPG


Capture Fine.JPG

Not applicable

I would suggest that instead of overall size, the Coarse display mode only show the core width of the walls, for wall / structural setout / dimensioning. 

This is frequently requested by our contractors, but achieving plan views that display this currently, we have to either: Break every wall in the project into parts and hide all non-core parts; or Model all walls as separate core wall with the non-core walls modelled as another adjacent walls -- the problem is that even when joined, users have to select several walls / parts whenever moving or changing the model. On top of that, we also have to model interior finishes (eg. plasterboard, tiles, cladding) as separate walls and join to building walls, due to the clumsy nature of Revit's wall type layers and wall intersection options.  Currently not a great situation.


this is similar to my other idea:


if there is a way to see the structural component of a arch wall in the structural view, you can have 2 views, one set to Struc and one set to Arch.  


This is a good idea that would help us to manage more accurately the visibility of the wall. it would be great to actually have the ability to choose which wall layers, material or even wall layer category (finish, core, air/membrane, ...) are visible in the level of view visibility.

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