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Wall Coverings

Wall Coverings

My suggestion is to put the option to only cover the walls (without being directly linked to the bricks/wall structure). So it would be possible, for example, to create a simple wall of bricks, on a beam, with pillars in the middle, and then throw the coatings (with layers) laterally on the entire wall (bricks, beams, pillars, etc.) (Note: with the exception of doors and windows). This would greatly reduce the need to make changes to adjust details and also reduce the number of wall styles needed to use in projects.

To further speed up the project on simple walls (mainly internal ones), you could also put the option to simply choose the coating, and then just click on the face of the wall to add it. Similar to Paint's painting style, but adding all coatings (rough coat, plaster, waterproofing, paint/ceramic, etc.)

Note 1: I had this idea watching a Revit course on Youtube, if you want to give me a lifetime license after the revolutionary idea, I would be very grateful. hahaha ❤️

Note 2: I don't speak English, sorry for the Google Translate errors.

Note 3: maybe something similar already exists, but due to the hard work they did in the course video, I don't think it exists.

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Posted this idea awhile back. If feel the same please advise @kimberly.fuhrman to combine.


*edit* Helps if I post the link. Here it is: Wall Face Extrude / Plaster tool - Autodesk Community



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