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Visibility Parameters for Nested Family Flip Controls

Visibility Parameters for Nested Family Flip Controls

Idea: Allow users to assign a visibility parameter (yes/no) to vertical and horizontal flip controls of nested families.


Impact: This would allow any 3D element i.e. a nested door, to be flipped internally or externally depending on the user’s preference while avoiding the

use of additional 2D linework.



Nested Door Flip Controls.PNG


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I highly support this idea. I created a Island bench family and wanted to control the flip of the nested sink family within the project. The only way I could achieve this was by recreating a mirrored version of the family, which ended u in double the number of nested families. 


I support this idea. As you mention @Anonymous  : this workaround - which is the only one that works -  increases the size of the host family. If there are multiple nested families to be flip-controlled, file size increases again... And project size too, when host family is loaded and several instances are placed.

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