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Visibility parameter independent of elements "joined" state within family editor

Visibility parameter independent of elements "joined" state within family editor

I'd like to be able to join an object to another object in the family editor, but still maintain the ability to adjust each element's "Visible" parameter independently.


Currently if any object is part of a joined geometry, that entire geometry follows the same parameter state. While this may be ideal in some scenarios, in others it isn't ideal. It can sometimes make it difficult to create a true parametric object when you are limited by this.


In my opinion, it would be simpler to adjust each independently. This way you can still have them all follow one parameter, but you do have the ability to adjust individual parts and pieces of the joined geometry.


I ran into the same problem. It would be helpful if it is possible to add a visibilty parameter to each individual element of a sweep, extrusion, etc, even if they are part of a joined geometry.

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I was to creat this topic Idea, so... I've found this one.

I'd love to have this upgrade on Revit! PLEASEE!😅 It would help a lot!


I hope we will be able to do this soon!


This would allow for faster / lighter families since we would not need to duplicate multiple items in order to control visibility.

e.g. Door/Window Profiles - I would like to join 3 extrusions (Side/Top/Side) and then have the ability to control visibility of Top so that it can be turned off as needed. When one element is visibly turned off, the remaining joined items should act as though they are not joined to that item


I can think of numerous families that would be much more usable with this feature.

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