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Viewport to crop region

Viewport to crop region

Say you have turned a standard ortho view into a perspective and are happy with the view you have. Now you need to set the view crop region and everything is gone. Well not gone but not in the vicinity anymore.

The idea is to adjust the view crop to the extents of the current view port, ie. your Windows™ window. The approach could be similar to making a new view template from the current one.


Levels extend not extended if cropped by scope box

I work in multiple buildings, each one with their own levels and grids and all cropped by a scope box. I generate my flats and corridors for each building in their typical level. Let's say Block A - 1st floor, Block B - 1st floor and so. Things get funny when copying these flats up to their related building level, as model group might be in the correct level, but all elements inside might belong to another building plus/minus certain elevation. This makes things very difficult.


I would suggest that levels extend, if affected by a scope box, shouldn't go beyond the scope.


@MichaelWolff , no votes on this idea yet.

Maybe an example/ illustration might help us understand the need?


Yeah well maybe assuming this would get a thousand votes in an afternoon was a bit exaggerated. So this might illustrate the proposal better. This is an imported site picked from the internet and opened in a 3d view with the little house button.

the standard ortho 3d viewthe standard ortho 3d viewTurned on perspective.

with perspective turned onwith perspective turned onHere I have turned on the crop region

crop region made visiblecrop region made visibleZoomed in on a house I fancied.zoomed in on a buildingzoomed in on a building

Zoomed all out again to see the crop region again, then moved the borders in as much as Revit would let me.zooomed back out again to reach the crop borders and minimized them to what Revit would allowzooomed back out again to reach the crop borders and minimized them to what Revit would allowAfter that I eye-balled the Crop Size values to what I thought looked like my screenshot before. This was tedious and I propose a button for just that.Adjusted to (roughly) what I wanted in the original zoom by fiddling with  Size CropAdjusted to (roughly) what I wanted in the original zoom by fiddling with Size Crop

I also would not mind the button working in other views like floor plans or elevations.

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