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View Template: add option "set but don't lock"

View Template: add option "set but don't lock"

Currently in the view template we only have two options for each setting: Include / Not Include. I suggest adding a third option: set this option but don't keep it locked, so users can override it if necessary. This will allow us to preset parameters, but still have the ability to override them from time to time without having to create a new view template (or even worse, set the view template to <none>).

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Good one !


I would even push a little more.. you stay with those 2 actual options( include or not), but when it's set to be include, and you are into a view that have been set to a specific template and want to modify it, instead of having a grey option (because you typed "vv" since you forget that was include in template), it allows you to modify element in template. However, when you've done whatever you want, at the moment you clic "ok" or "apply" it ask you to chose in between " would you want to duplicate this template (because you change something from the original template), so you have to choose a new template name, or would you want to update actual template.. which will update all views that have this template.

This would increase productivity.. I can't count how many time I went directly from view to visibility/graphic Overrides to end up to close it back, go to browser, find the template view, clic on the template view, and try to make the decision if I have to create a new template or if I just choose to end up with none instead.

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