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View Scale-based Tag Visibility in Revit Family

View Scale-based Tag Visibility in Revit Family


Revit lacks functionalities to directly access the view scale within families for controlling visibility or other parameters. This leads to challenges when working with nested annotation tags that should behave differently based on the scale of the view.

Proposed Solution:

  1. Utilize Project Parameters:
    • Create two project parameters: "Tag A View Scale" and "Tag B View Scale."
    • Set these parameters with the desired view scale thresholds for each tag's visibility (e.g., 1/4" for Tag A and 1/8" for Tag B).
  2. Visibility Formulas in Nested Families:
    • Use formulas within each nested family's visibility parameter based on the project parameters and current view scale:
      • For Tag A: if(vps <= ValueOf(Tag A View Scale), true, false)
      • For Tag B: if(vps > ValueOf(Tag A View Scale) and vps <= ValueOf(Tag B View Scale), true, false)
  3. Alternative Options:
    • Manual Tag Visibility: For simpler projects, manually show/hide the relevant tag based on the view scale.
    • Nested Families with Nested Parameters: Use nested families with shared parameters "Tag Visibility" ("Show" or "Hide") driven by formulas based on view scale and thresholds.


  • Flexibility: Define and adjust view scale thresholds easily through project parameters without manipulating families.
  • Automated Control: Formulas automatically set tag visibility based on the view scale.
  • Simplified Workflow: Manual tag control can be faster for smaller projects.


  • Formulas require basic understanding of Revit parameter logic.
  • Manual control lacks automation and can be error-prone for large projects.

Further Discussion:

  • This proposal highlights the current limitation of Revit regarding view scale access in families.
  • User feedback and suggestions to Autodesk can encourage development of improved functionalities.


While accessing view scale directly within families isn't yet possible, using project parameters and formulas offers a workable solution for view scale-based tag visibility in Revit families. The proposed options provide flexibility, control, and potential workflow improvements for users facing this common challenge.

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