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Use Project Base Point and Site Location to locate 0,0,0 and GEOLOCATE MODEL

Use Project Base Point and Site Location to locate 0,0,0 and GEOLOCATE MODEL


  1. Have only ONE locator (the "Project base point") in a Model File. Each "Site location" re-associates this project base point to real world N/E/Elev/rotation to North coordinates for orienting the model in the real world.


  1. Tie the "SITE BASE POINT" to ANY of the CIVIL Coordinate systems (Not just WGS84) specified by the "AutoCAD Coordinates Library"(ACCLib) in the Site location dialog. This produces a translation file or correct geolocation for CIVIL 3D packages.



Revit effectively has 3 (Three- Count 'em THREE!) 'Origins' for location/geolocation.

  • A 0,0,0 (Which we cannot locate, or modify- try moving geometry instead of the base point the relocate the project base point and reload origin to origin and you will see what I mean)
  • A "Project Base Point" PBP (For geolocation)
  • A "Survey point" SBP which shares half a brain with the PBP

By making the PBP the Origin AND the location it can be associates with each SITE 


Expected Behavior:

Designated SITE has ONE LOCATION (LOCKED TO ONE COORDINATE) tied to GEOLOCATION collaborated with the ACCLib 

  • Unclipping and moving the PBP moves the 0,0,0 and 'base point' relative to the GEOLOCATION coordinate. Re-acquiring and specifying a new GEOLOCATION will 'move the site'. 
  • Clipping and moving the base point moves the 0,0,0 and the building relative to the site. (Moves the building around the site)(Ask "Specify NEW Site location or modify existing 'my site name' location")
  • Acquire location from a LINKED site will prompt "Overwrite current site location or create new?"
  • Publish coordinates offers same prompt to overwrite, select or create new coordinate in the file. You CANNOT publish coordinates to files specified as "SITE" files!
  • Linking buildings 0,0,0 by origin will align origin to origin and "PLAN NORTH" ALWAYS!
  • Rotating or aligning the base point (To a wall or grid line) rotates the project under the PBP in 'Project North' based on Project north. PBP 'Project North' is always up. Specified rotation is to TRUE NORTH. Rotates the building relative to the site in "North Up"

All this so we don't have to go through this (See our class at AU!



@WM_Ron_Allen  Ron, I think a strong alternative, while in some ways the opposite of what you describe, could be even more versatile:

1. Allowing multiple Project Base Points or "User" Coordinate systems 2. This allows Scope Boxes to be decoupled from view orientation and to focus on more robust 3D cropping operations. 3. Allow the user to specify both a source and destination Coordinate System (CS) when aligning files.

See this idea and it's response:







 @nickcurtisgba  - Depends on if federated or "groups" approach to modeling. 


If federate the same building is located on a site plan multiple times in multiple orientations and locations. Each location linked back to what I think you may be describing.


To the link- if a view is oriented to a scope box, the view's plan north does what you are describing. Trying to understand how the scopes would drive the orientation of a building or component - woul dthat be the same as linking in or using a group that had a plan north to orient ir orthogonally? 


I agree with you Ron. Revit having 3 different 0,0,0 points is extremely frustrating and confusing.

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