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Use PLM (Fusion Lifecycle) for management of objects and properties

Use PLM (Fusion Lifecycle) for management of objects and properties

Make it possible to use (a) PLM system to manage the objects and their properties. This would give us both versioning of properties and their values, and I can change information outside of Revit. The PLM could also be connected to other systems like C3D, PID, if information and graphics are separated.

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You can try the Revit Workgroup Manager for Windchill PLM developed by SrinSoft in partnership with PTC, to synchronize all your Revit files to Windchill along with the reference files, drawing sheets, BOM, etc. You can even publish the Revit file as a Creo viewable. You will find more info here - 


Hope this helps!!

Great Idea for the future.


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