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Use PDF naming rules for bookmarks when exporting combined pdf files

Use PDF naming rules for bookmarks when exporting combined pdf files

In Revit 2022 pdfs can be exported, and single pdfs can be named specifically, but when a combined pdf is exported the names of the pages and the bookmarks have a name that can not be controlled.  The pdf naming feature should always be available, and should be applied to page and bookmark names when a combined file is created.


PDF Export bookmarks.PNG


I just ran into this the other day! The only way to have my pdf page names match my sheet names was to print as separate files, and then use my pdf editor to combine the files using file names as the sheet names. This should be possible to do all at once. 


Insult to injury: it places "Sheets: " in front of the name. What a really bad idea! Who would ever want that?

The issue might be the reason more people are not using the export to pdf feature.

Perhaps the code that was used for printing to combined pdf was used. It pointlessly has a top level bookmark named "Sheets" with all the individual sheets a level below it. In order to change the sheets to be the same as the correctly named bookmarks, it is necessary to move them to the top level of bookmarks and delete the useless "Sheets" bookmark. It does only take a couple of minutes to do this, then use the bookmarks to rename the individual sheets. The export to pdf naming of each sheet with the prefix "Sheets: " is way to time-consuming to deal with except on a very small print job.


I have a major problem with how Autodesk deals with matters like these. Many of the issues raised are obviously improvements to the products. An Autodesk manager should see that simple ones like this one are just done instead of annoying users for years.

Status changed to: Accepted

Congrats! We think this is a great idea, so we've decided to add it to our roadmap. Thanks for the suggestion!


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