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Use API to Retrieve the Stiffener of a Fabrication-Part

Use API to Retrieve the Stiffener of a Fabrication-Part

I would like to be able to use Revit API to retrieve the "Stiffener" that a Fabrication Part is assigned based on the Specification.  It will be like the Item.Stiffeners available in Fabrication API.


The stiffening info of a Fabrication Part that I am interested to find out is the stiffener-name and the stiffener-spacing.


Currently I can only retrieve the Specification-Name assigned to a Fabrication Part.  But I cannot find any of its stiffening info.


If this cannot be done for some reason, the second best solution will be to give me a way to use Revit API to retrieve the entire stiffening info inside a specification (size break, length, material-gauge, stiffener, spacing...etc).  Then I can use the size and length of a duct to look up the stiffening info by myself -- kind of a DIY approach.


If the second best solution still cannot be done, I would like to have a way (may be through GUI or command line interface) to export the stiffening info of the specification into an XML file.  Then my program can look up the stiffening info in the XML file.  Currently the export function in CAMduct only exports the specifications into a .MST file that I cannot open.


I hope at least 1 out of 3 is possible.  Thanks in advance.



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