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Upgrade BIM360 Team Projects in place

Upgrade BIM360 Team Projects in place

We need the ability to upgrade Revit projects hosted on BIM360 Design/Docs in place. We should not be required to create a new project, invite potentially 100s of people back to a new project, just to do the upgrade process which Autodesk wants us to do anyway.


The solution could require removing old versions of the project, before allowing a reset, or simply allow multiple versions to be hosted on a hub, but something needs to exist. 


This has been marked as "Planned" in the Revit Roadmap



I would like to second this request.  That this functionality was not included in the first version is a big oversight.


Hey Autodesk--When is this happening?

Status changed to: Implemented


We are pleased to say that this has been implemented in Revit 2022.1! Thank you for your contribution to improving Revit!


-The Factory

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