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Update Revit for once, and not just the logo.

Update Revit for once, and not just the logo.

Here's a thought, why not make the program actually work for the users instead of constantly rebranding and changing the logo? No one cares what the logo looks like, but those who use this program every single day are fed up with it never working and being outdated.  


I agree the number of improvements every year is very small and many issues (some listed here many years ago) never seem to get fixed. On the upside, new Revit versions don't' make things worse and bring some small improvements (some software manages to get worse with updates...).


But it may be more beneficial if you specify what you want improved or vote on that if someone else already did. 


And I have no idea if someone powerful a Autodesk actually reads these.... 


There is a series of Youtube videos about the whole development process, this one specifically addresses how ideas from this board are reviewed


- Yes, this is read

- Note the "implemented" status on several

- This is not really the place for non-specific snarky complaints.  Actual suggestions, awesome.  Whining - we all feel like Autodesk should do a better job of addressing our own specific needs.  That's not going to happen when your idea is simply "make it better"


I agree. Spend less time on changing the color of the interface. Make electrical systems actually work great.  Specific things not being fixed for years, ends up with frustrated people making these remarks. Feedback was given many times by many users. 

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