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Update IFC property set export

Update IFC property set export

The problem:

There are many property sets in the IFC schema under these headings all with distinct properties that could be populated. Currently there is a simple mapping of Revit parameter value to IFC property in property set. This to me is unsustainable going forward. I assume nobody wants a Revit parameter for each of these values needing to be populated in Revit just to export to IFC?


The solution:

By referencing IFC guid link these values in from elsewhere during export e.g. a csv file named by property set name.


If there is no CSV file with property set name or no IFC property column in the file then use the current default behaviour (take from Revit file or leave empty).


In a csv file each column header should represent an IFC property and each row an element (with the first column reserved for IFC guid associated with element). 


1 Comment

Where a property set is not applicable to an object type then value in csv should be ignored.



Pset_BeamCommon is applicable to

If IFC guid in row of file named 'Pset_BeamCommon.csv' doesn't point to IfcBeam or
IfcBeamType then that row should be ignored.

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