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Unselect All / Select All Button

Unselect All / Select All Button

Would it be possible to add an Unselect All / Select All button to the View Template dialog box? We use view templates extensively, and rely on some templates having certain parameters checked, and other view templates with inverse selections. As you know, View Templates have to be redone often when a new CAD base is received with new layers, so it's a constant process of checking every little box individually when we have to update them. 




Can you elaborate on why a view template needs to be redone when a new dwg file is recieved?


This is not something I have ever had to do.


Sure thing. We receive new civil files to use as background bases--survey, utilities, storm, grading, etc. Our process is to turn off their annotation layers, gray back utility linework, bold/dash important easement lines, turn off any hatches. Usually civil is working in real time alongside us to some degree, so we will see new layers comes through often on a weekly basis. This can be new utilities that have been added, new demo layers that have been created, autoturn blocks that need to be turned off, etc. We will go back into the View Template and assign appropriate colors / turn off layers / assign new lineweights. 


What's your process when receiving new dwgs?

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