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Unlink callout bubble from detail crop checkbox

Unlink callout bubble from detail crop checkbox

Being able to disassociate an original callout bubble and the detail's crop would super useful. There have been many times where we will need many callouts close to each other and all of the callout bubbles will badly overlap in our small scale overall plans. 

I know there are work arounds like hiding the original and then making a new one with the view referenced, but just a box to uncheck to disassociate would make things so much easier.


There are too many times that I'm fighting against the area I want to show in the Detail View, and the line that is drawn in the original view for the Callout Bubble.  Frankly the Callout Bubble should be something that you can disassociate from the actual crop of a detail view.


A perfect example of this is zooming in on the roof edge for a detail.  In the Wall/Building Section I'm placing this callout bubble I need to draw it bigger for graphical purposes than the crop window will actually be.  The Callout Bubble being as tight and small as the actual detail graphically makes it harder to read.  Conversely the Detail doesn't need to be as large at the Callout Bubble is to properly detail what is going on in the thing.


you already recognize this to some degree with how you can graphically manipulate the placement and nature of Section Lines, while at the same time dialing in the view to be more precise.


Functionally, I think it should work like this.  When you initially draw the callout bubble that is the area you're trying to highlight.  But once inside the area, you can toggle the associate button off and then freely manipulate the actual cropped view to get what you want

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Came here to post this idea! Thank you. This is essential

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