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Universal Scene Description support for Revit

Universal Scene Description support for Revit

Universal Scene Description (USD) is the first publicly available software that addresses the need to robustly and scalably interchange and augment arbitrary 3D scenes that may be composed of many elemental assets. While originally developed to support visual effects pipelines, its robust nature, support for custom schemas, and significant speed is the ideal interop format with the greatest level of extensibility for supporting complex BIM/VDC workflows.


Even at its base, USD would facilitate greater interop with DCC applications such as 3dsmax and realtime engines such as Unity. Taken to a greater level, USD would prove to be an ideal interop format for EVERYTHING Autodesk and would position Autodesk as the ideal hub of AEC workflows, regardless of what other applications are utilized. In addition to simple interop, USD further facilitates interactive collaborative workflows, which transcend the traditional BIM workflow. This is the interop format that IFC and LandXML could never achieve. 

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