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Unhide Element without entering "Reveal Hidden Elements"

Unhide Element without entering "Reveal Hidden Elements"

Say you want to unhide an element that is hidden in a view, and you can locate and select this element in another view - then it should be possible to unhide it in the view where it is hidden without entering the "Reveal Hidden Elements" mode first. 


Agreed this should absolutely be a workflow.


Reveal Hidden can sometimes be incredibly difficult to find the element you want to un-hide. Either that or in big models it can bring you to a bit of a standstill!


This would also be an easy way of highlighting if the thing that isn't visible is properly hidden or is instead being hidden in some other manner. 


This would be a very nice boost to QOL.


It would be nice if it was part of the right click menu having an option "Unhide in Selected View(s)" that appears only if it is hidden and you are not currently in the view it is hidden.

Then once selected, it brings up a list of all views it is hidden in and you can select the ones you want to unhide it in.

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