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Undo Command to not change view state

Undo Command to not change view state

Ok this used to bother me in AutoCAD... years later it outright makes me INSANE in Revit.  When I want to cycle undos and redos, I don't want the view state (angle, zoom, etc) to move AT ALL.  In other words, when I click undo/redo, I'd like to see/verify the results in the exact context of where I am looking.  What I don't want (which is the current method) is to click undo/redo and the view jumps to some unknown angle, and I have to find what I was looking at.  Do this a few times and it's a real inconvenience.


Undo/Redo should only relate to the objects themselves.  Leave Rewind for view states.



And allow a Keyboard Shortcut for Rewind!

That's the ONLY thing I use the Steering Wheel for.

Rewind should be available on the View Ribbon.


Did you ever figure this out or is it just not possible?  I work with the Revit API so I'm building systems in stages.   When my program is done I can undo each stage (through the UI) to view how adding or removing family instances is affecting other things.  While I'm undoing and redoing all the actions I want to be able to zoom in on areas without losing my undo history.  Most of the time because the view history is associated with changes to objects it makes it impossible for me to step through each of the rendering stages to see what's going on.

Agreed, Not sure if this is bad coding or what. But then Revit has many many issues like this.

It's almost like Autodesk has no experience using their own products. For the record, the changing view states is incredibly annoying.

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