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Underlays in Drafting Views

Underlays in Drafting Views

The Problem

It's often the case that you need to design a solution for something, but you don't want to mess with the model until it's complete.

Most likely, the best solution is to sketch with annotation lines. 


The Solution

Why not make it possible to make any view an underlay in a drafting view? That would be amazing. Multiple underlays would be even better. 

ArchiCAD has had this functionality for a long time, and it's awesome. It's called Trace Reference. Since Revit already offers the option in plans, why not make it an option in Drafting Views (or better yet, all views) also?

Not applicable

It would be very helpful to be able to underlay any view. I am surprised this function doesn't exist in Revit.

And, yes, ArchiCad has had this capability forever.


I'm having this exact issue now!

I can't believe it cannot be done in Revit. Please fix ASAP!




Excellent request. Is this function still not available? I was able to underlay a floor plan in a drafting view with Archicad almost 10 years ago.

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