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UI improvements.

UI improvements.


I have some an idea for a fairly simple UI improvement for the Revit Links from within VG for Revit.


In the Revit Links under Display setting in Visibility/Graphics when you select By Linked View it states By Linked View, but it would be really handy if we were able to see what linked view is actually showing so is it possible to get the button to show the name of the linked view.





As currently if you want to confirm the view is in fact linking to the correct view you have to go another dialogue deeper for each link.



Another interface improvement would be under Worksets, when you select multiple worksets and set them to “Use Global Settings” for the workset visibility, for it to actually use Global setting not take on the setting for the first one.


As you can see with the images below, I’ve set all those to Use Global Settings but since the selection is “Use Global Settings (Visible)” it takes on Visible when two are not actually Globally Visible.






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