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Turkish Language Pack / Türkçe Dil Paketi

Turkish Language Pack / Türkçe Dil Paketi

Despite Autodesk Revit is the most used BIM software in Turkey's AEC sector, there isn't any official Turkish language pack for Revit from Autodesk yet.

Not only Revit interface but there is a need for Turkish translations of Autodesk Knowledge also.

Many Turkish users hope to be heard by Autodesk Team and get well-deserved language packs and translations.

Thank you very much.


Autodesk Revit Türkiye'nin inşaat sektöründeki en çok kullanılan BIM yazılımı olmasına rağmen, Autodesk'ten Revit için resmi bir Türkçe dil paketi hala bulunmamaktadır.

Sadece Revit arayüzü değil, Autodesk Knowledge'in de Türkçe çeviriye ihtiyacı vardır.

Birçok Türk kullanıcısı Autodesk Ekibi tarafından duyulmayı ve hak ettiği dil paketlerini ve çevirileri almayı umuyor.

Çok teşekkür ederim.


Dear Onuresen, 

in addition to that, There is no Arabic translation also in any Autodesk products.

It seems that we are not in their plan or action.


till now there are so many problems in Arabic text printing (Arabic true type fonts) whether your using AutoCAD or Revit.


we hope that they solve the problems of printing true type fonts which is printed fragmented.


Please accept my best regards.

Osama Elewa

Facebook---  #OsamaElewa

LinkedIn---- Osama Elewa



Although there are so many users in our country, unfortunately, Revit's Turkish language package is not available. We expect you to add the Turkish language pack to Revit as soon as possible. There is no doubt that this will greatly increase the number of your users. Good luck with.

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My name is Ahmet Sait Fincan. I am in the process of learning Revit and improving myself. Many of my friends at my university and around me use Revit. Our biggest problem is; Lack of Turkish language support.

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