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Treat Area Plans the same as other views

Treat Area Plans the same as other views

Area Plans are treated differently than other views. When you do a detail callout in an area plan, you get the box without the detail callout bubble. The new view is created as expected. Also View references can not point to area plans since they are omitted from the list to choose from. This leaves a gap in the documents that has to be filled by using dummy tags or text which is very unrevit.

Please allow us the same tools with Area Plans as is available to other views.


View References should definitely be made to work consistently across all plan view types


This needs to be addressed.  We regularly use area plans for our life safety plans, and on larger buildings there are match lines showing each quadrant.  On large commercial or multi-family projects we run into the same issue when using area plans to document rentable areas for the owner.


I agree with @jkidder 100%.  AutoDesk  ask yourself, if Area Plans are not floor plans then why can Match Lines be turned on?  Our office tries to do as much as possible SMART with in Revit.  Please UNDUMB this feature as the only work-a-round is to use text in views and manually manage them on our off.

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