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Tread numbering for Stair by Sketch

Tread numbering for Stair by Sketch

Dear All,

Why NOT to let the (Tread Numbering )  working with the stair by sketch too , as it works with stair by component!!


Voted Smiley Wink great ideia

we really need this enhancement a lot at our projects.
We really need this enhancement a lot at our projects.


Rana Hamed
Architect - BIM Specialist

Smart Village, Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road
Street 26, Building 10
P.O. Box: 129, Giza 12577, Egypt
Tel: +202 3531 8000
Fax: +202 3537 1223

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Instead of using the standard "Stair By Sketch" why not use the sketch function in the Stair by component tool? It works the same but has the added functionality.


A great idea!

However when you say 'it works with the By Component tool', it has been my experience there are too many times that DOESN'T work very well if at all, which should also be addressed -- for example, when you draw a stair with more than one flight in the stair / spiral with more than 360° of treads, the numbers overlap and there is no way to adjust the numbering to make them readable; if you turn on shadows/ambient shadows in the view, the tread numbers disappear; there should also be a setting to show numbers only for treads within the cut-plane, not beyond, which would solve many of these issues.


We need to be able to change the font and decide what tread we are numbering not only from which tread we start. We need to decide to which treat we number. We need to be able to number stair treads automatically and flexibly. 
We need the ability to be free to represent the drawings as we please, not bind by what Autodesk want us to do.

Please this is basic graphic freedom.

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