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Transparency setting for elements on demolished phase

Transparency setting for elements on demolished phase

When working with phases, demolished elements show as opaque in all views, except in 3D views. 


This is very frustrating when the Phase Filter is set to "Show All", as demolished elements show as solid over other elements in the view.  

Currently, the only way to make the demolished elements transparent is to override them in every view.


I would like to have the option to set all demolished elements as transparent in the Phasing > Graphic Overrides settings.




Yes, this is totally annoying. We used to make additional parameter and then made Filter with transparency so that we wouldn't have to edit it manually for all new views etc.


With the ability to now include Phases in View Filters, does this help? I know it isn't as good as Phases Overrides, but we are transitioning our graphics to be Filter based for more control and also combining visible elements like existing rooms but in New Construction view while showing Demo.


@Sean_Page thanks! did miss that, it is better than my method! 


@Sean_Page . . .Yes, this is very helpful, thank you. 


I did not realise that this was a new feature added to the Filter Rules dropdown menu in Revit 2022. 


This is a known bug, see article: Solid fill cut pattern does not display on screen but appears in vector print in Revit (Incident ID: 146571).


You can also workaround the issue by making sure the demo'd slab, etc. is created AFTER the new one (by cut & paste, etc.) - if I remember correctly, it's drawing the newest elements first... that's why I always tell people that Revit is NOT WYSIWYG (since it prints correctly). I'm looking forward to being able to use the new Filter feature in a few years...

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