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Total length of a chain of selected objects

Total length of a chain of selected objects

A big time saver for us would be for the total length of a chain of selected objects (walls, lines, detail items) to be reported in the Properties Browser.  Since any object with a length associated with it will show the length of the single object, it seems only natural for a chain of connected, like object types to also report the total length of that chain.  This would save us a number of steps and clicks of having to manually measure the total length of those elements.


@samuelsanf , thank you!


@PatrickGSR94 , let me know if you would like to combine yours with these two that Samuel suggested.


Thank you for your Idea!



Sure that second link sounds like what I'm looking for.


I actually also discovered that pyRevit tools has a function for showing totals of multiple selected objects.  So at least there's that, but of course it's a bit more clunky than just showing the total in the Properties Palette.


Hi @PatrickGSR94,

we are currently working on a plugin that - among other things - does exactly that. If you are interested in participating as an early adaptor just let me know.




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