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Toposolid Subdivions Should Allow Negative Values for Height

Toposolid Subdivions Should Allow Negative Values for Height

Toposolid Subdivions Should Allow Negative Values for Height




There is no other way to create paths/roads that are recessed into the site and stay updated with the site topography.


The workaround right now is to split the toposolid, and lower the elevation of the newly split element, but if you change the site toposolid, the split road toposolid does not get updated.  There is also no way to rejoin a split toposolid back to the original toposolid.  How is this smart??


This post is spot-on.  In addition to roads, walkways or similar elements that one will want to "tie" to the topography, a subdivision should be able to accept a negative offset for something like a landscape bed, where the mulched surface (the subdivision) is consistently 1 or 2 or 4 inches (for example) below the primary surface...think of how a lawn might sit a few inches above the landscape bed.  Also, an offset value of zero should be allowed.


The key element that is missing in the current definition of a subdivision is that in addition to a parameter that sets the value of the offset surface relative to the primary toposolid, there must be a parameter that sets the thickness desired for the subdivsion.  So, for example, I want a subdivision to be defined as a concrete material, 4" thick, and have the top surface be consistently 1" above the soil surface (the primary toposolid).  The remaining 3" of concrete are therefore below grade and should be clearly "cut out" of and distinct from the soil.


Now, taking this one step even further, I also want there to be a 4" layer of gravel below that sidewalk.  So, I need multiple material definitions associated with the subdivision, stacked vertically.  Hmm, sounds just like a toposolid.  So...the subdivision really should be defined as a different family of toposolid that is linked to the "primary" toposolid and all of the point-specific geometric information is common to both (with the exception of the relative offset, either upwards or downwards.)


The comment about not being able to rejoin a split toposolid back to the original is also absolutely correct.  Splitting and merging toposurfaces is a common workflow that I use in 2023 and earlier to help manage manipulation of the topography.


And let me add that the removal of the pad feature is also very irksome.  Why not have a carving element native to the topography toolset...why should I need to create a mass to do the job?  I normally keep mass visibility off, so, if I need to cut a chunk of space out of the ground, I need to add additional steps to my workflow or create additional template views with masses visible in order to enable this workflow.  Pads were certainly a pain in the butt to work with, but they do have their uses.  How about we just get a "void" topography tool, perhaps?


And as long as I'm dreaming, a tool to actually draw a contour line would be nice.  Such a tool would allow me to set the contours exactly the way I want, rather than having to place a bunch of spot elevations and then manipulate them to approximate the contours.  Trying to get a parallel set of contour lines to show a consistent slope (like a berm) is a royal pain.


Possibly the best new feature and no negative. Autodesk, please bring it with 2024.2. ASAP.


I agree that a negative-offset subdivision would be a nice feature for a curbed paved area, but while you're waiting for Autodesk to add this functionality you can simply create a subdivision of positive thickness for everything but the paved area.  The subdivision to which I'm referring is shown below in green.  I created subdivisions for curb and gutter as well.

2024 Toposolid with paving and curb.jpg

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