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Toggle button for display of section marks

Toggle button for display of section marks

We end up with many section marks, most of which were created for model development use and left behind by their creator, very few end up being 'printing sections'.  I would love a button that toggles off non-placed-on-sheet sections, much like the thick lines / thin lines toggle.


I love this idea. We should create a yes/no parameter for these views. Call it "Temporary_view" if you please. Then we should mark these views as temporary (non-savable) views. Temporary views should be available in current Revit session only. 

Tekla Structures has such option for many years. All Tekla views are considered as "temporary" by default, except for the axis elevations. 


Just do the parameter idea above and apply a filter?

Or make multiple section family types and filter it that way. 


If you can do Python or Revit you can make this a custom add-in as well.


You can already filter by sheetname has value less than 0 without changing anything in your model. This will remove your sections not placed on sheets. If you then build up your section types you can control these by the drawing type. 




@craigjonnson  thanks for this! this is a good suggestion/workaround that I was unaware of.


Interesting idea.  Wasn't sure I would use it at first, but the more I think about it, the more it makes sense.  I do use filters to halftone or turn off working sections, but this would be even handier - especially if it was universal, not something you'd have to add to all views or view templates.

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