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Time Stamped Revisions - Restore Old Version

Time Stamped Revisions - Restore Old Version

Couldn't seem to find a topic of this nature, but it would be great to be able to time stamp and "save" revisions that tie into the revision schedule.  This idea would work similarly to how Microsoft retains versions of your document, however in Revit-speak this would be a bit more intentional and part of the data collection / data loss prevention tactics, allowing the users to establish the amounts of previous versions.  Microsoft essentially does this at intervals of repeated time (every 30 mins, etc...), which is not the intent for this post.

I understand that you can make time stamped local files when opening a central model and get old versions that way, but it would be powerful to be able to keep that information tracked directly in the Model without having to go into another copy of it. 

The function could work like this:

1) open revision schedule and make a revision

2) provide an option to time stamp the last known changes to the model and retain that information to access later (perhaps when a user clicks on the "Issued" option in the revision schedule.

3) then provide an additional button/functions in the revision schedule to essentially access the time stamped form of the model while retaining any forward changes made since the time stamp was issued.  Basically a rewind.


This would allow users to see clouds and revision tags over their respective details as they were when they were created, and possibly be a safeguard point for re-obtaining things that may have been lost unintentionally.  A lot of the time what happens is multiple revisions occur to the same details, ultimately voiding sensibility of revision clouds of earlier changes.  Yes, they should be hidden when the next revision comes out, but to have the previous information available for reference can be helpful.  If there was a way to essentially "record" this information as it was that would be great.

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